Oregon Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Facing addiction can be daunting especially when it is coupled with mental health or behavioral ailment. Addiction is rarely a problem in itself and often manifests alongside some sort of mental health problem if you or a loved one is faced with this or a similar condition the best option is to seek out Oregon Dual Diagnosis Treatment. 

What is Dual Diagnosis

When faced with addiction and mental health ailments a person is considered to have a co-occurring disorder, these disorders make breaking addiction very daunting and require treatment that treats addiction and has a therapy regime to treat the underlying mental health conditions. Accredited Oregon dual diagnosis treatment centers individualize their programs to the individual patient so that they can ensure that all aspects of addiction are properly treated for a long term solution to addiction and lasting recovery.

Is Dual Diagnosis A More Serious Condition? 

Having a mental illness concurrently with drug addiction can create extreme ramifications that lead to a deterioration of self. Mental illness can make addiction more prevalent, harder to break, and more difficult to treat. Mental Disorders can also misalign how an addict perceives their addiction and encourage risky behavior, self-destructive tendencies, and relapse.

Likewise, addiction can bolster a mental condition and make it worse, an example being alcoholism normally triggers those to drink in order to soothe depression but since alcoholism is a depressant it only worsens the behavioral condition. In both cases seeing a Bend dual diagnosis center can help treat the root cause of addiction and provide a treatment plan for lasting recovery.

How To Treat Co-Occurring Disorders 

Treating a co-occurring disorder often must start with undergoing a detox program to clear all drugs from the system and stop the physical dependence. Often patients will get medical assistance during detox because it is a more comfortable process and helps those quit drugs in a more controlled safe setting. Often detox programs provide resources to help manage cravings and prevent relapse.

Alongside addiction therapy bend oregon those with dual diagnoses will also need to get treatment for their mental disorders. This is critical to maintaining sobriety and helping a person reach a fulfilling life. 

If you or a loved one is struggling, make sure they seek out treatment from a OR dual diagnosis treatment center here they will make sure you get the individualized treatment to ensure a comfortable and lasting recovery that will not only treat the root cause of your addiction but give you the skills to live a happy and fulfilling life. Today is the day to start your new life of recovery contact an Oregon dual diagnosis rehab today.

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